Club Championship Match Play / Fourball Signup (Men/Women)
Apr 1 all-day

Match Play Club Championship and Four-Ball Championship Information

Format: Match Play – Individual Match Play (Men & Women) , Four-Ball – 2 Person Teams Match Play (Men & Women)

Cost: $40.00 per event

Sign up for Men’s Gross Flight in both Club Championship and Four-Ball by Apr 30, 2019. There will not be qualifying this year. Anyone who wishes to play in either event in the Gross Flight may register. and participate. You must be able to play on the Championship Day’s to register.  If you wish to play in the Net Flights in either event you must sign up by June 6th. If someone is eliminated from the Gross Flight prior to June 6th and wishes to play in the Net Flight they may pay again and participate. The Women must sign up by June 6th as well for both the Match Play and the new Women’s Four-Ball for both Gross and Net Flights.   The seeds will be determined as follows. Previous year Champion 1 seed, previous year runner up 2 seed, previous year semi finalists will  be the 3 (loser to 2018 Champ) and 4 (loser to 2018 runner up) seeds. The remaining seeds will be determined by handicap. Here are the Deadlines to get matches played by

May 4 – Jun 6     Match Play Round of 32 / Four-Ball Round of 16

Jun 10 – Jul 7      Match Play Round of 16 / Four-Ball Round of 8

Jul 8 – Aug 4      Match Play Round of 8 / Four-Ball Round of 4

Aug 5 – Sep 1    Match Play Round of 4 / Four-Ball Championship on Aug 24th

Sep 7                  Match Play Championship Day

There will be Championship awards along with Pro Shop credit given out for these events. Prize money will be determined by the number of people playing in each flight. Examples listed below.

Match Play 16 Player Flight – 1st $250, 2nd $130, 3rd & 4th $50 each 8 Player Flight – 1st $145, 2nd $95

Four-Ball 8 Player Flight – 1st $145 per player, 2nd $95 per player

Mixed Championship Sign Up
Apr 1 @ 8:00 am – May 19 @ 5:00 pm

Mixed Championship (Net Flights)

This is a Mixed Match Play Event. Format is net alternate shot exactly like the Mixed League. Men tee off on 2,4,6,7,& 9. Women tee off on 1,3,5,& 8. The goal is to have three 8 team flights. Flights will be determined by handicaps. The quarter final and semi final  matches will be 9 hole matches. The Finals will be an 18 hole match for all flights held on Aug 25th. The Men will tee off on the odd holes and the women will tee off on the even holes for that match. After the Flight Champions are determined there will be a three hole playoff for the flight winners to determine the Overall Champions.  If you do not qualify for the Flight Finals you can play in the 4 person mixed event that will be held on Aug 25th at the same time as the Finals (Format to be determined) Please sign up between Apr 1 and May 19 in Pro Shop.

Round 1 match must be played between Jun 1 – Jul 14

Round 2 match must be played between Jul 15 – Aug 18

Deadline to sign up for the 4 person tournament will be Aug 19 (at that time the tournament director can find alternates to play in the 4 person tournament if needed cost $30 per couple)

Estimated Prize Breakdown (24 teams / 3 flights)

Overall Champions $100 per team, Flight Champions x 2 $90 per team, Flight Runners Up x 3 $60 per team

4 person Tournament – 1st Place $35 each x 4, 2nd Place $20 each x 4, 3rd Place $10 each x 4