October 3, 2020 @ 9:00 am
Dennis Medeiros

Memorial Cup

This Event is the end of season Points Championship similar to the FedEx Cup Finals. Points will be kept for all events for both Men and Women beginning at the ABCD Opener and ending on Championship Day. You will earn points in every event you play in. The Top 30 Men and Top 8 women will qualify to play in this event. If someone who qualify’s is unable to participate the next person on the points list will be invited. The winners of the actual Tournament will earn Pro Shop Credit like any other event. The Overall Points Champions for Men and Women will receive a Championship Award and Pro Shop Credit.

Format: 18 Holes of Individual Stroke Play.

Points for Tournaments will be issued as follows 1st Р15, 2nd Р10, 3rd Р7, 4th Р4, 5th & below  Р2 (All Majors will be Doubled)

The Memorial Cup Championship event will be played as a Gross and Net Tournament. All players will be issued a score in relation to par to start the day based on their finish in the standings. The Overall Gross and Net Champions will be determined by their daily score added to the scored they started with. Daily winners will be determined by daily score only.

2019 Memorial Cup Champions

Men’s Gross – Dennis Medeiros

Men’s Net – Don Diblasi

Women’s Gross – Mel Hebert

Women’s Net – Robin McFadden

Daily Winners – Men’s Gross, D Medeiros – Men’s Net – Joe Zangrilli, Women’s Gross M Hebert – Women’s Net, R McFadden

Memorial Cup Estimated Prize Fund

Men: 1st Gross $100, 2nd Gross, $80, 3rd Gross $60, 4th Gross $40 1st Net $100, 2nd Net $80, 3rd Net, $60, 4th Net $40 Overall Points Champion $50 plus Championship Award

Women: 1st Gross $70, 1st Net $70, 2nd Net $35 Overall Points Champion $50 plus Championship Award